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Welcome, welcome! This is my attempt (ha!) at creating an actual blog to archive and write about my current obsession with transmogrification and my WoW playing in general. 

I also maintain a transmog tumblr at FY WoW Transmog, for those interested. There’s a lot of re-blogging going on there, as is the nature of Tumblr. This blog will, however, stick to my own transmogs I’ve created for myself, or for friends and guildies. 

I suppose I should include a bit about me, then? I’m a 36 gamer, female, and when I’m not fighting off dragons in World of Warcraft, I play other video games like Mass Effect, Diablo 3, SWOTR, Sims 3, and Dragon Age. For my ‘day’ job (which actually occurs during the night- I work graveyard shifts), I work as a law enforcement dispatcher. You know, that voice on the radio in the background of COPS, telling the officer about the call and where to go? That’s my job. I also collect asian ball joint dolls, daggers and anything with Maleficent on it. 

I was excited about transmog when it first came out, and started saving up items for sets even before prices started to explode on the Auction House (oh how I wish I’d started saving up some of those items now. Hindsight…) and when it came out, I fixed up a few of my characters and that was about it. 

Then, in March or April, I think, the WoW Factor show hit my home server, and had a contest. I entered my druid on a whim, and managed to make it into the top 15. I was HOOKED from there on in. Since then, I’ve been farming and running old content for gear, trying to make that perfect set for each of my four 85’s and then starting on my not so 85’s. It’s become something of an obsession, I admit.   

I’m not looking for a cure any time soon. So feel free to stick around and enjoy the crazy.