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Thanion @ Scarlet Crusade

*= Not transmogged and/or not displayed. / [Q] = Quest Reward

*[Q]Head: Faceguard of Flawless AimI actually have plans to go get a mail eyepatch out of a questline for him but this does in a pinch. Rarely displayed though. I LIKE his big ponytail.
Shoulders: Rift Stalker Mantle  [Tier 5 Shoulders] – This is pretty much what inspired the entire outfit. I love these shoulders, but am not a fan of the rest of the tier set. I wanted to emphasize the leather straps and the sort of “hobbled together” construction of them, without looking like he was in tatters. I found the chest piece next and that just sort of cemented the look.
[Q]Wrist: Wristguard of the Tormented SoulMostly I just needed something small that wouldn’t peek out between gloves and chest.
Hands: Rock-Giant’s Pinky Cover Drops from Grocklar
Chest: Val’kyr Vestments [Drops from Hildana Deathstealer
Waist: Tol’Vir Hereditary Girdle [Drops from Cyrus the Black
[Q]Legs: Greaves of Sanctified DissolutionSpent a couple hours one night doing the questlines to get these, the polearm and the bow. Since Than was pretty much dungeon leveled from 60+, I have a lot of awesome Wrath quests I haven’t done to get transmog gear from.
*Feet: Treads of Dormant Dreams I actually lucked out and got these in LFR one week when no one else needed them. Go lack of guilt!
[Q]Melee Weapon: Icier Barbed SpearWilling to buy ability to turn off enchant effects.
[Q]Ranged: Dragon Slayer’s Shortbow

As for his cloak, I haven’t found anything really perfect yet that matches. 🙂 The weird pale slate blue and brown is hard to match in cloaks.