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SO I have been, it has to be admitted, a bit meh the last week or so on WoW, and even *le gasp* Transmog. There is drama to be had (as there always is) in the raid group/guild and I’m trying to determine, for myself, just how far or fast I want to push things in MoP when it comes out. We’re 6/8H on DS and man, that is so close, but everyone is so burned out, that it just seems like an impossible goal right now. (Honestly, I’m tempted to just say, you know what, let’s just wait till MoP, get some of those replacement greens from questing that will outstrip my Heroic gear in five seconds and THEN come back and finish it, ok? But I think I’d get vetoed. Blah)

Anyways, my usual standby for when I get discouraged with raiding/questing/leveling is to go play with Mogit, and work on new transmog outfits for my lovely characters. Except I spent so much time fretting and working myself up over the Mogolympics and angsting over my submissions up until the last minute that I am a little burned out on that as well.

Luckily, and one of the things I love the most about WoW, is that when one thing becomes tiresome to you, there is always something else to do. So I logged on a little early before work on Tuesday night and got in a good hour worth of RP. I haven’t RP’d in WoW for forever. Well, for several years, at least. Three at least, I think? Anyways, my little feral druid (Rupert “Riff” J. Ruffington, Esquire!) has proven to be something of an RP inspiration and I had a blast with him and it was just… plain fun. I had missed that.

I have also been dipping my toes into the WoW blogging community and WOW, I had not realized there were so many out there. I am going to have to come up with some sort of good reader/rss feed reader to compile them all together so I can keep up! If you’ve got suggestions, let me know. RP, Transmog, Exploration, and lore, as well as  hunter, druid and warrior blogs would probably ping my interest most!