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Well the Mogolympics are finally underway, and I have been eagerly waiting to see the results of this first week’s medal events. I’ve been waxing between nervously biting my fingernails about my sure-to-fail entries and quietly gloating to myself about my oh-so-brilliant entries. Note that these entries are all the same ones, I just can’t decide if I did great or sucked mightily. There is a lot of competition with something like fifty-plus, even after eliminating those that bowed out or didn’t submit in time.

First there was the Opening Ceremonies, where everyone’s flag bearer’s were showcased- and I think it was here that I realized- there was some really serious competition involved. Now, I’ve been in some transmog contests already, and I have a few fellow transmog-obsessed guildies that we share out ideas and concepts with each other… but this is some seriously good stuff. I’ve been told I was good at this transmog stuff, but now…. I don’t know! Still, I had some pretty definite ideas about where I thought the competition was going to go. Some of those ideas got shattered pretty quickly though.

Disclaimer: Any critiques/criticisms here are my own opinion, and don’t/shouldn’t reflect badly on the event, the judges, or my fellow competitors. This isn’t sour grapes at all, I think all you people are fabulous, I just tend to over-analyze these things because well, transmog is my obsession. I have issues, clearly. 😉 

First up was the Cycling event, where there was one gold medal winner, three silver and… no bronze, evidently? Possibly because of the three-way tie for silver.  I’ll be honest, I was sort of disillusioned on this event, because I understood it that the outfits had to match one of the two bike mounts in the game, which pretty much limited your choices to red/gold and blue/gold, and yet,…. That’s not what a majority of the submissions seemed to be. There was lot more of the badass biker in black/grey/etc. A concept I would have loved to explore, but thought I was limited to a particular color range. Still, I loved the idea I DID submit, and the winners certainly WERE great-looking transmogs, so onto the next!

The Hammer Throw event is next, and I loved the way the commentary was put together on this one, and how it sort of let you get an overall look on all the competition at once. The scores were nice too, especially if they’re actually indicative of the judging, because it at least gave you an idea of how “close” you were. Even in the Olympics, 5th place instead of 50th is something to feel good about, right? Right? This wasn’t a submission that I felt was as strong as I would have liked, but I felt good about the overall effect and had really loved using the hammer that I did. There was some really fierce competition. I think some of my favorites were the submissions from the Aldor, Undercity (Who won the gold, and deservedly so!), Silverwing Sentinels, Keepers of Time and the Argent Crusade. And it looks like I came CLOSE to a medal, but still, no cigar! Oh well, there’s more to come!

The Discus event is still to come for this week, and that was another one that I rather liked once it was all put together, but it wasn’t what I considered one of my favorites that I submitted, so we’ll see how it goes!

Finally, still on the subject of Transmog, I want to direct people’s attention towards ironyca’s post about her experiences in helping to run and judge the WoW Factor’s events: 29 Thing I have Learned from doing In-Game Server Events

I saw a lot of these myself on the WoW Factor events I have attended (three in total, one on my home server that I competed in and two that I’ve gone just to watch and take screenshots during), and I have to say, kudos to her and the others who run those events, because I am pretty sure I would have given up long ago with the amount of nonsense and spam and entitlement issues they get bombarded with.