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If you’re hearing the theme from Jaws in your head right now, well then we’re definitely on the same page. There is so MUCH going on WoW-wise right now, and yet I feel sort of vaguely disconnected from it all, which is very disconcerting. Maybe writing it all down will put my thoughts in order…. or just confuse the rest of you as much as I am? Who knows, but I suppose we’ll find out.

Huh. This got long. You’ve been warned!

Thing the First: Raiding —

Well, unsurprisingly, this week will be the last of scheduled raiding for Creeping Death. I am both relieved and somewhat saddened. I think we were really, really close to finishing up Heroic mode (6/8 and we got to the second plate last week on Spine, but oh well) but people have been pretty obviously unmotivated for the last few weeks. I suspect this is causing some divisive problems that I am thankfully not privy too, mostly because I seem to never be on when anyone else is. Then again, this is why I’m sort of glad to be “just” an officer, and not in the guild council. “Look man, I just maintain the website and monitor invites, chat and rankings, I don’t make the decisions!” Phew! On the flip side, since everyone is so de-motivated, my usual 3-4 other people I play WoW with haven’t been on much at all, so I’m getting that creepy “Is it me, or is it WoW they’re avoiding?” feeling, which is almost always NOT me, but well, tell that to my insecurity, the big baby.

What the end of raiding means for me is that 2 out of my 3 nights off have just opened up for the next month, so maybe I can chip away a few more things off my pre-MoP bucket list, like;

1. Finish enough of the Firelands dailies to get that darn flame hippogryph mount
2. Finished enough Netherwing dailies to get those mounts.
3. Do enough rep to get Nether Ray mounts (Are we sensing a theme, here?)
4. Finally get my singing flower pet by beating that last damn level in Hillsbrad. (This is why I cheated my way through Plants vs. Zombies, thanks!)
5.  Do Argent Tournament Dailies finally. For mounts. (Definitely a theme)
6. Get that one pair of mail pants from Scholomance for my hunter.  Stupid pants.
7. Get my feral druid to 85 (He’s at 54 now. It’s doable…right?)
8. Get White Hawkstrider mount (After three years of farming, I finally got that one a few weeks ago! )

It also means I am going to have to seriously consider whether or not I want to continue raiding with CD after MoP comes out. Like the people, but they have me raiding my mage, and the only other 85 I have on the server anymore is my huntard. I don’t mind mage-raiding, but I’m just not comfortable with it. She was never meant to be a raiding toon, she was meant to be a “pew pew stuff in the face in dungeons and collect cool gear” toon. I don’t know. I want to try a healing monk, maybe I’ll go that route. We’ll see. I’m really more comfortable with melee DPS classes, but the raid spots on those are always slim.

Thing the Second: The Patch–

I’ve been keeping a sort of wary eye on this, because I know that it means there are going to be BIG changes to my toons across the board and for the most part, I am looking forward to them. New Druid Travel form. DO WANT!

I haven’t delved TOO deep into them, wanting to wait until they were live to experiment and honestly, let others do the number crunching for me. I think it’s going to be interesting. I think the timing on Blizzard’s part, coinciding with Guild Wars 2 release (which yes, I have pre-ordered, because, hello, big giant tiger people, I’m IN!), is hilariously predictable. Unlike a lot of people who have been moaning about the whole expansion, I am excited for it in a way I haven’t been for an expansion since, well, Cata. I LOVED Cataclysm, and most of the changes. Not all, but most, and I am sure there are things that will annoy me about Mists as well, but nothing will be as bad as what Wrath was to me. I quit WoW for a year and a half when Wrath came out, and didn’t come back until the Cata content and news started coming in. So overall, I’m cautiously optimistic.

Now, this could all go south the day after the patch and I’ll be back here cursing and throwing things. You never know. Just don’t break my fury warriors too badly, ok, Blizz? Please?

Thing the Third: Transmog and the Mogolympics!

Did I bury this far enough down? If you don’t want to be spoiled by knowing who my entries are (I’m looking at you, judges!), then turn back now! Dead men tell no tales… er… wrong ride..

Ahem. SO, the first week’s events are up, and now that the results have been posted, after a brief technical delay, I feel like I can finally go ahead and post those entries, because let me tell you, honestly, NOT TELLING has been killing me!

As you may or may not remember from my Flagbearer blog entry, I’ve been representing the Argent Dawn. Thus far, the events for Cycling, Hammer Throw and Discus have been judged, and so I’m allowed to show my entries off now. So, ladies and one gent, get your parading on!  Included is the commentary I submitted with each entry!

Modeled after the Horde-side Mechano-Hog, our blood elf biker babe doesn’t have to swathe herself in black to make a badass statement. The distressed and slightly worn mail outfit shows she’s put in a lot of miles and has the experience to back her attitude. Golden goggles keep the sun out of her eyes and the mystery in her allure. Don’t let the feminine curves of her mail fool you, she carries a mean punch with some fist weapons, because a girl on the road can’t be too careful.  [Item List] | [LRG IMG]

The furious howl of a wolf at the full moon is threaded through this plate outfit of silver and black, contrasting sharply with the blood red center of both the chestpiece and the hammer. It pulses with a feral, beating heart like it’s bearer, and our male worgen model knows he can wreak havoc with more than just his formidable weapon in this outfit.  [Item List] | [LRG IMG]

And finally….. *insert drumroll here* My first medal winning event, and it was a gold! Yay!

Brawn and beauty don’t always have to be separate entities, as our lovely dwarven model shows, with her compact build and tough plate outfit, she’s ready to fling that disc as far as she needs to to prove a point. Blue and gold plate swirls in swoops reminiscent of a disc in flight, and glint like the sun at just the right angle. It’s a competition to see which knocks you off your feet first- her outfit or that big round disc she just tossed at your head.  [Item List] | [LRG IMG]

Really pleased with the results on my discus entry, I had a lot of waffling back and forth on that one, because I seemed to have a lot of blue sets overall, but it just really came together once I moved away from using the Vanguard leggings with the chestpiece and went for the Legplates of Heroism instead. I really like mixing tier and sets up, you get some really surprisingly complimentary results. I generally try not to use more then 2-3 of any pieces from one set if I can help it, depending on the look I’m going for. So it was really heart-warming to see that rewarded. Especially when you look at some of the really awesome, well put together entries I was competing against!!