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Well, I got a bit behind on posting these in a timely manner. In part due to my playing a lot of Guild Wars 2, watching a ridiculous amount of Tekkit minecraft videos on Yogscast Youtube channel, and then, in the last few days, discovering rather earth-shattering news about the health of one of my family members. So I’ve been a bit distracted from blogging and/or transmog. Not to mention, I am still waiting for a Mogit update for the Patch so I can get it to work properly. My idling time in Stormwind is so BORING now!

That said, the last of the event results for the Mogolympics have now been posted, which means I can show off my lovely contest entries. I am, overall, really pleased with how I did, considering there were nearly fifty competitors and not nearly enough medals to go around for all the really creative and fantastic outfits I saw being submitted. I can’t be sure, but I think I tended to come out in the top 15 or so in most events- I’ll contact JD about it later once things quiet down for all the judges.

I will also be archiving all my entries over on my Mogolympics 2012 page, including links to the event results for each one,  the item list links to WoWhead.com, and any medal winners I had, so they’re easy to find, etc.

So without further ado, the rest of my Mogolympics event contestants, representing the Argent Dawn!

In Soviet Azeroth, Draenei wrestle YOU. The chill in the air comes from the crushing strength of centuries-old glaciers embodied in the muscular form of the Azerothian wrestler known as “The Mammoth.” He speaks little, but his glare has been known to make grown men quake, and the frosty air around his icy armor gives more than one opponent frostbite.
(While I think the wrestling look is pretty perfect without the shoulders and chestpiece, I included them for the sake of having a full matching transmog outfit, but couldn’t resist including images of them without. ) [IMG | Item List]

Like the gem seated in the center of the bow, swirling with blue-green mystery among a tangle of artfully bent wood, this outfit allows for peeks of cerulean blue amongst the branches, set in a delicate filigree of gold. Simple lines echo the straight path of an arrow from the bow, making the outfit both practical and pleasing. [IMG | Item List]

If a dwarf is going to carry around a big stick, it’s going to be one that does more then just look good. This thing slices, it dices, it pokes, it cleaves and in a pinch, it even mines out the most precious of ores. The runes on the head of the blade are matched in bold gold on the outfit, and the grey and brown accents sop up the beer stains without notice. The point of the shoulders are almost as sharp as this polearm’s tip, and even with one eye, he can hit the broad side of a barn at fifty paces. [IMG | Item List]

Our male blood elf model would like the judges to know that you don’t have to sacrifice being deadly to look dashing. With a rapier wit to match the glowing edge of his blade, he can easily dance around his opponents while dazzling them with his purple, sage and gold combo of cloth. Being a bit daring with the baring of his chest, he uses the distraction to score hit after hit on his competition – and we don’t just mean the scoring kind. Or do we? Oh, the innuendos abound. [IMG | Item List]

Freestyle is almost TOO MUCH freedom for me I think! I had about five different outfits going at once and not entirely happy with any of them, but this was the one I was the most happy with and the concept I was most excited about. It was also probably the most challenging. This is, for those unfamiliar with the fandom, a Chi Blocker from the Avatar: Legend of Korra series. Key components of the outfit include a goggled hood, and large gloves with a glowing green center near the hands to represent the key parts of the Chi Blockers outfits. WoW doesn’t have a lot that echoes the streamlined, tailored look of the animation style, but I think the slimmer boots and simply accented pants pay a nice tribute and tie in the gloves. The wand is the closest I could come to the green taser-like tool used in the series, although I think the listed off-hand makes a nice substitute as well.
Additonal, post-event comments: I had about four to five outfits I was working on for the Freestyle event. A Jedi and a Sith (overdone, I’d thought), a confederate soldier (more equestrian like, and judging by that event’s winners, apropros), and a goblin auctioneer. I went with this one, but really, I think it was probably one of my weakest outfits, just because it’s so hard to match. There were better matches in other armor types, but I had to stick to warlock-wearable ones to stay within the rules of the contest. I may have over-ambitioned myself on this one. (Is that a word, that’s not a word. I’m making it a word!) [IMG | Item List]

And then finally, to round off the competition, we had the Equestrian event, in which I won my second and last medal, a silver! It came when I desperately needed some cheering up so it was like a double whammy of yay!

Representing the heavens and Tyrael’s Charger, our human female model is a study in light and dark, appearing to have just stepped down out of the Heavens. Slimming robes bring to mind the smooth lines of the Charger’s armor, with shoulders of light echoing the wings of the heavenly mount. Like the Charger’s namesake, a hood covers the visage of this Angel, as she prepares a cup of cool justice to share.
(I tried so hard to avoid using both the Avatar Robe AND Hood, but in the end, it was a look that was just too good to pass up.) [IMG | Item List]

Now there’s just the closing ceremonies and the Mogolympics will be over! Once that’s done, I will probably do a final blog on the contest and how it all panned out. Then I’ll have to give some thought to maybe running a themed one of my own. (Yes, I’m crazy. I know.) Halloween is coming up, after all!