The Closing Ceremonies for the 2012 Mogolympics. A fitting tribute, I think, and more importantly, a show of just how much hard work and dedication went into this event, I think. I know JD probably doesn’t even want to THINK about doing another one soon, but I hope this becomes an annual sort of event.

I was really excited also to see that he put together a website of the outfits, including scores, so I can see how well I did (relatively) I and the Argent Dawn also won another award, the “Preciscion Instrument” award, which was given out for consistently ranking high in each event (see the blog entry for a better explanation! 🙂 )

My companion pet addiction is getting some serious love soon, oh yes it is!

And now to start seriously considering if I want to do this myself for Halloween. >.>

Amateur Azerothian

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome!  On behalf of Exodar and many other nations here, thank you for joining us.  My name is Carrera, and I will be closing out the games for you tonight.   And if you whistle like that again, your backside will require amputation to remove my hoof.

To start the proceedings this evening, we have four very special awards to hand out.  After all was said and done, and the judges had cast their votes on every single outfit, they were then asked to pick one in particular -or, their Judge’s Choice.  All four had the same response: how the heck do I pick just one???  So, each approached it from the perspective of the outfits that most impressed them, but failed to make it to the podium this year.  What better time to hand out these awards than during our closing ceremonies?

“It was…

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