World of Warcraft/Transmog:

I am more then a little obsessed with transmog in the MMORPG World of Warcraft. You can find my transmog blog at Transmogative Works, and I run a transmog Tumblr @ FY WoW Transmog.

If you’re looking for me in game, I play Horde on Scarlet Crusade-US, and am usually on my mage, Bombadear, or my hunter, Thanion.  (Note: If I’m on Bomb, I’m probably raiding and I won’t be very talky, sorry. 🙂 )

Alliance-side, I play on Wyrmrest Accord-US, on my fury warrior Fionyx, my resto druid Leafwisper** and my current leveling obsession, my feral druid Ruffington**.

I’m a slow typer, and I tend to afk to tab out and refresh tumblr a lot, so just be patient if you’re trying to get in touch with me in game.

I’m pretty particular about who I friend on Real ID, so unless you hit me up in Diablo (Banesidhe#1691), I’ll probably have to know you a little to consider it.


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