On The State of the World of Warcraft in Banesidhe’s Corner


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SO I have been, it has to be admitted, a bit meh the last week or so on WoW, and even *le gasp* Transmog. There is drama to be had (as there always is) in the raid group/guild and I’m trying to determine, for myself, just how far or fast I want to push things in MoP when it comes out. We’re 6/8H on DS and man, that is so close, but everyone is so burned out, that it just seems like an impossible goal right now. (Honestly, I’m tempted to just say, you know what, let’s just wait till MoP, get some of those replacement greens from questing that will outstrip my Heroic gear in five seconds and THEN come back and finish it, ok? But I think I’d get vetoed. Blah)

Anyways, my usual standby for when I get discouraged with raiding/questing/leveling is to go play with Mogit, and work on new transmog outfits for my lovely characters. Except I spent so much time fretting and working myself up over the Mogolympics and angsting over my submissions up until the last minute that I am a little burned out on that as well.

Luckily, and one of the things I love the most about WoW, is that when one thing becomes tiresome to you, there is always something else to do. So I logged on a little early before work on Tuesday night and got in a good hour worth of RP. I haven’t RP’d in WoW for forever. Well, for several years, at least. Three at least, I think? Anyways, my little feral druid (Rupert “Riff” J. Ruffington, Esquire!) has proven to be something of an RP inspiration and I had a blast with him and it was just… plain fun. I had missed that.

I have also been dipping my toes into the WoW blogging community and WOW, I had not realized there were so many out there. I am going to have to come up with some sort of good reader/rss feed reader to compile them all together so I can keep up! If you’ve got suggestions, let me know. RP, Transmog, Exploration, and lore, as well as  hunter, druid and warrior blogs would probably ping my interest most!


Thanion: Thunder and Lightening


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Thanion @ Scarlet Crusade

*= Not transmogged and/or not displayed. / [Q] = Quest Reward

*[Q]Head: Faceguard of Flawless AimI actually have plans to go get a mail eyepatch out of a questline for him but this does in a pinch. Rarely displayed though. I LIKE his big ponytail.
Shoulders: Rift Stalker Mantle  [Tier 5 Shoulders] – This is pretty much what inspired the entire outfit. I love these shoulders, but am not a fan of the rest of the tier set. I wanted to emphasize the leather straps and the sort of “hobbled together” construction of them, without looking like he was in tatters. I found the chest piece next and that just sort of cemented the look.
[Q]Wrist: Wristguard of the Tormented SoulMostly I just needed something small that wouldn’t peek out between gloves and chest.
Hands: Rock-Giant’s Pinky Cover Drops from Grocklar
Chest: Val’kyr Vestments [Drops from Hildana Deathstealer
Waist: Tol’Vir Hereditary Girdle [Drops from Cyrus the Black
[Q]Legs: Greaves of Sanctified DissolutionSpent a couple hours one night doing the questlines to get these, the polearm and the bow. Since Than was pretty much dungeon leveled from 60+, I have a lot of awesome Wrath quests I haven’t done to get transmog gear from.
*Feet: Treads of Dormant Dreams I actually lucked out and got these in LFR one week when no one else needed them. Go lack of guilt!
[Q]Melee Weapon: Icier Barbed SpearWilling to buy ability to turn off enchant effects.
[Q]Ranged: Dragon Slayer’s Shortbow

As for his cloak, I haven’t found anything really perfect yet that matches. 🙂 The weird pale slate blue and brown is hard to match in cloaks.

Transmogolympics: Flagbearer Entry


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Like many of the transmog blogs I follow, I’ve also decided to join the fun and enter the Transmogolympics, being hosted by Amateur Azerothian! As per the rules of the contest, you are randomly assigned a faction to represent, and I’ve been given the Argent Dawn. Hurray for old school factions!

I’ve spent a few days figuring out which race/gender combos I wanted to slot into each event, and finally sat down this morning and worked on my flagbearer. Now, being it was the Argent Dawn, I knew for sure that I wanted to make it a paladin, and I decided the male human model would best show off the tabard and other elements I wanted to include. Out of the ten total outfits you create for the Mogolympics, the only one you can reveal prior to the end of the event on July 31st is  the flag bearer. So without further ado, let me introduce my entry, modeled by my very confused worgen druid, Ruffington:

Yeah, I finally got an excuse to use those shoulders for a transmog.

Paladin Argent Dawn Flagbearer Transmog for the Mogolypmics (Yeah, I finally got an excuse to use those shoulders for a transmog.)

The items used can be view here @ Wowhead and are as follows:
Head: Crown of Empowered Fate
Chest: Overlord’s Chestpiece
Shoulders: Replica Lieutenant Commander’s Lamellar Shoulders
Waist: Glorious Belt
Wrist: Giantslayer Braces
Hands: Gauntlets of the Shining Light
Legs: Enchanted Thorium Leggings
Feet:  Grim Sabatons

As for the other events, well, I’ll update those outfits here as I go, but I’ll have to wait until it’s over to show them off!
Outfits at 50% are completed, and screenshoted, just need their submission graphic edited together.

Progress: 0%

Progress: 0%

Progress: 0%

Progress: 0%

Progress: 0%

Progress: 0%

Hammer Throw
Progress: 0%

Progress: 0%

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